Instrumentation Pressure Guage Session01 – Techshore Inspection Services

The video explains about the working of a pressure gauge and the bourdon tube present inside the pressure gauge. Bourdon tube was invented by Eugene Bourdon in the year 1849. The C-type bourdon tube used in today‚Äôs pressure gauges has a slight elliptical cross section with its tube bent into a c-shape or arc length […]

Techshore Inspection Service Reviews : Rakesh from Trivandrum

Rakesh from TrivandrumCompleted B tech and joined Techshore for Oil and Gas courseSays Techshore has the best and experienced FacultySupports students and clear all the doubtsTechshore provides best teaching facility in KeralaBest Institute to join.

Techshore Inspection Service Review : Oil & Gas

Kathinkvel from chennai completed Btech and joined Techshore Inspection Services says techshore offers good Experienced faculties who has great knowledge in clearing all doubts regarding the topics .

Techshore Inspection Service Review : Rani & Anjali

Techshore students QA / QC Rani & Anjali share their experience. Rani a civil engineering graduate choose to do QA/QC course at Techshore Inspection Services, Kochi, she explains how she choose techshore and why she choose techshore.Anjali a civil engineering graduate from Thrissur explains how she rates the Techshore, its operations and her experience after […]

Techshore Inspection Services MEP: Drainage or Vent System

Procedure of conducting NDT examination in order to identify surface related defects which could be proceed due to processing manufacturing and service related issues this method is the most economic cost effective and user friendly testing methods when compared with other NDT methods but cleaning actually is a challengeable thing to be supervised by a […]