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TECHSHORE INSPECTION SERVICES, KOCHI KERALA- WWW.TECHSHORE.IN EXPLAINS THE VARIOUS TYPES OF PRESSURE INVOLVED IN DRILLING. Types of Pressure Involved in Drilling-Techshore Kochi Techshore Inspection Services, Kochi Kerala- Formation pressure The pressure exerted by the fluid that get ‘s trapped inside the formation rock is known as formation pressure. Depending upon the formation pressure gradient, it is classified into two pressures:- […]

Techshore Inspection Services: NDT – UltraSonicTesting : Session 1

    Techshore Inspection Services explaining how to do the probe calibration for performing a Non Destructive Testing(NDT). Calibration means standardization. If you are getting a test material means you cannot directly go for its testing. Before that you should check whether your probe is working properly or not. That is called as probe calibration. […]

TECHSHORE INSPECTION SERVICES:KERALA’S NO.1 OIL & GAS COURSE TRAINING INSTITUTE     Extraction of Oil & Gas from shale Shale oil and gas extraction methods are more flexible than traditional well drilling. The initial drilling only accounts for 40% of the total cost. When oil prices fall, shale oil companies keep drilling. They stop extracting and store the oil in the ground.Shale oil […]

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  Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Its a typical UT inspection system consists of several functional units, such as the receiver, transducer, and display devices. A receiver is an electronic device that can produce high voltage electrical pulses. Driven by the pulser, the transducer generates high […]

Instrumentation Pressure Guage Session01 – Techshore Inspection Services

The video explains about the working of a pressure gauge and the bourdon tube present inside the pressure gauge. Bourdon tube was invented by Eugene Bourdon in the year 1849. The C-type bourdon tube used in today’s pressure gauges has a slight elliptical cross section with its tube bent into a c-shape or arc length […]

Techshore Inspection Service Reviews : Rakesh from Trivandrum

Rakesh from TrivandrumCompleted B tech and joined Techshore for Oil and Gas courseSays Techshore has the best and experienced FacultySupports students and clear all the doubtsTechshore provides best teaching facility in KeralaBest Institute to join.

Techshore Inspection Service Review : Oil & Gas

Kathinkvel from chennai completed Btech and joined Techshore Inspection Services says techshore offers good Experienced faculties who has great knowledge in clearing all doubts regarding the topics .

Techshore Inspection Service Review : Rani & Anjali

Techshore students QA / QC Rani & Anjali share their experience. Rani a civil engineering graduate choose to do QA/QC course at Techshore Inspection Services, Kochi, she explains how she choose techshore and why she choose techshore.Anjali a civil engineering graduate from Thrissur explains how she rates the Techshore, its operations and her experience after […]