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Logistics Course Techshore in Thrissur is an integral part of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and often confused to be the same. However logistics is only a small portion of the SCM.

Supply Chain Management is broader and encompasses all activities associated with sourcing, manufacturing, storage, distribution, collaboration with all parties (suppliers, BPOs, intermediaries, distributors, and customers) – i.e. the end to end activities in the value chain.

Logistics course in Thrissur manages supply chain functions that help organizations to plan, manage and implement processes to move and store goods; which include transportation, fleet management, material handling, warehousing, inventory control,etc. In short, logistics considers “what” (inventory) is manufactured or stored “where” (facilities) and “how” it is moved (transportation).

Logistics course in Thrissur helps to achieve the objective of “Customer Satisfaction” which in turn helps in achievement of the Supply Chain objective of “Competitive Advantage”.

Logistics Management: It coordinates all the logistics activities and integrates them with other functions like Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Finance and Information Technology. This involves proper planning, appropriate use of software, acquiring adequate resources and managing them competently.

Importance of Logistics Management: An organization with an efficient logistics system in place ensures availability of raw materials at the right time/place so as to avoid manufacturing delays, helps all processes to progress smoothly, ensures storage that reduces obsolescence and gets the end product to the customer responsively.

Reverse Logistics: It includes all functions that are used to return goods and materials from final destination in the supply chain to the origin so as to be reused, recycled, repaired or remanufactured. Reverse logistics has been given much importance in recent years due to the growing concern for the deteriorating environment and various Government regulations.

Logistics course is not a new concept. It was initially used in the military for maintenance, storage and transportation of army persons and goods strategically to incur minimum setbacks and bring victory. With the advent of SCM, logistics was found to supplement it and has now become an inseparable part of SCM. As specialization has gained importance, logistics has moved on from basic models of 1PL and 2PL (1st and 2nd Party Logistics-handles transportation by themselves or by a provider) to 3PL(3rd Party Logistics provider can handle various logistical activities for the client organization) and 4PL (4th Party Logistics provider gives SC solution to clients); with advanced configurations on offer.

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