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A drilling rig instrument measures drilling parameters, equipment function or formation characteristics; displays the measurements on a panel or a readout device; records the measurements; controls equipment within set limits and stops operation if control fails. Instruments on a rig include sensors, gauges, recorders and various tools to control the machinery. Instruments can be bought and used independently of each other, but manufacturers also offer instrumentation systems where many instruments feed data to a central computer.


The function of the instrumentation on a drilling rig is to provide a continuous readout of selected parameters during normal operations. The instruments in Driller’s console has the important role of protecting the personnel and the rig. Output Data source Comes directly from sensors installed on measuring points. OR Is calculated on output data provided by sensors


  Data taken directly from sensors installed on measurement points are:

– Rotary speed revolution
– Rotary torque, BHA weight
– Pump output pressure
– Pump stroke rate
– Pit levels
– Trip tank levels
– Flow rate (from well)
– Hook position (height)


           Data calculated from sensors output includes:

  • Pump output flow rate
  • Weight on bit
  • BHA Running/pulling speed
  • Penetration rate


  • Sensors are used where it is necessary to take remote measurements. Sensor can be:
    Hydraulic :The Hydraulic sensor are normally used on Hook load sensor. They are installable in dangerous area.
    Pneumatic :In the past, Pneumatic sensors were used because they where installable in dangerous areas, but they are sensitive to the Rig working location environment and to the used compress air purity.

             Electronic :Those of Electronic type are even more used because they are more accuracy,     easily interfaceble and compatible with acquisition system and data elaboration

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