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Turbine Flow Meter

Instrumentation mainly deals with different types of process variables such as flow, level, temperature and pressure. Sensors are the devices used to sense these process variables. Turbine flow meter is a major flow measuring sensor. Flow is mainly classified into three types based on the Reynolds number value. They are laminar flow, turbulent flow and transitional flow. For measuring turbulent as well as transitional flows only we are using turbine flow meter. Based on the turbine principle only the flow meter is working. At both the inlet and outlet side of the turbine flow meter so many pipelines will be provided and this will help to have a straight flow. As this flow enters inside the flow meter the turbine inside it will be starts rotating based on the pressure excreted. The movement of the turbine will be directly proportional flow rate. As the turbine moves the movement will be counted by the magnetic pickup which is placed above the turbine. The increase in count indicated by the magnetic pickup indicates the increase in flow rate and vice versa. A transmitter section is also inbuilt inside this sensor. So the output produced will be 4-20 mA.

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