Techshore Inspection Services MEP: Drainage or Vent System

Procedure of conducting NDT examination in order to identify surface related defects which could be proceed due to processing manufacturing and service related issues this method is the most economic cost effective and user friendly testing methods when compared with other NDT methods but cleaning actually is a challengeable thing to be supervised by a […]

Techshore Inspection Services QA/QC : Course Curriculum [Welding Inspection]

Welding terms and definition Types of weldTypes of weld jointWelding positionTypical duties of a welding inspectorWelding symbolsCodes and standardsWelding parameterswelding consumablesManual Metal Arc Welding Process (SMAW)Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Process (GTAW)MIG/MAG Welding(GMAW)Sub Merged Arc Welding ProcessDefects and ImperfectionCutting processHeat treatments stagesMaterial inspectionDocumentation Leak and pressure testing

Instrumentation : Techshore Turbine Flow meter –

Turbine Flow Meter Instrumentation mainly deals with different types of process variables such as flow, level, temperature and pressure. Sensors are the devices used to sense these process variables. Turbine flow meter is a major flow measuring sensor. Flow is mainly classified into three types based on the Reynolds number value. They are laminar flow, […]

Techshore Inspection Services QA/QC : NDT RT

RADIOGRAPHIC TESTING Radiographic Testing is the most important method used in NDT. NDT is the abbreviated form of Non Destructive Testing. Without destructing our specimen we are able to check all the defects. There are mostly 14 methods in NDT. Radiographic Testing is most commonly used for finding out the subsurface as well as internal […]

Techshore Inspection Services: Magnetic Flowmeter

MAGNETIC FLOW METER Magnetic flow meter is a most commonly used type of flow meter. This flow sensor can be used for all types of flow. If we want to use this flow meter means mainly we need to satisfy two conditions. • The measuring fluid should be a conductor.• The pipe line through which […]

Instrumentation : Transmitters

Transmitter usually is a device/equipment that generates radio waves for communication, radio location or navigational transmitters. It is a combination of transducer plus a signal conditioner that is used for transmitting a signal from sensor to a controller transfer it to a controller . Visit our website for more videos   

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