QA/QC : Civil Engineering

A Schmidt hammer/Swiss hammer/rebound hammer invented by Ernst Schmidt in 1948, a Swiss engineer, is a mechanical device used to measure surface hardness and penetration resistance strength of concrete or rock. Working Principle Schmidt rebound hammer works on the priciple that rebound of an elastic mass depend on the surface against which it strikes. The […]

Logistics & Supply Chain

Basic difference between Logistics & Suply Chain explained by Techshore Inspection ServicesLogistics mainly deals with movement of goods from one place to another place. Logistics is nothing but the supply chain management that implements control, efficient and effective flow of goods in both forward and backward direction to meet the customer requirements. It mainly gives […]

Oil & Gas Artificial Lift : Part 1 – BEAM PUMP

Artificial lift is mainly used for providing an additional energy. In case of oil drilling if the crude oil is not coming outside naturally means we will apply an additional force to pump the oil from the reservoir to the surface area. When the oil pressure reduces and it reaches a bubble point we will […]

HVAC : Working Principle of AHU or FCU

Air Handling unit or AHU is an assembly of air conditioning components(such as fans, cooling coils, filters, humidifiers and dampers) integrated into a self-contained package and often installed as a single unit, which is connected to system of metal duct work that distributes the conditioned air. It pumps the designed quantity of dehumidified air to […]

NDT UT Machine Probe Caliberation

Techshore Inspection Services explaining how to do the probe calibration for performing a Non Destructive Testing(NDT). Calibration means standardization. If you are getting a test material means you cannot directly go for its testing. Before that you should check whether your probe is working properly or not. That is called as probe calibration. We are […]