Techshore Inspection Services: Magnetic Flowmeter


Magnetic flow meter is a most commonly used type of flow meter. This flow sensor can be used for all types of flow. If we want to use this flow meter means mainly we need to satisfy two conditions.

• The measuring fluid should be a conductor.
• The pipe line through which the fluid flows should be made up of an insulating material.

Magnetic flow meters mainly works based on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. The law states that, whenever a current carrying conductor moves through a magnetic field of given field strength it will cut the magnetic flux lines and as a result an EMF will be induced. This induced EMF will be directly proportional to the movement of the conductor in the magnetic field.

Magnetic flow meters mainly using a conducting fluid and we will be having an insulating pipe line also. This particular pipe line is wounded with a conducting wire and a power supply is given to that wire connection to make it as an electro magnet. When the conducting fluid starts flowing through this pipeline the magnetic flux lines inside the pipeline will be cutting and depending on the flow rate we are able to get the EMF readings on the digital display unit.

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