Techshore Inspection Services QA/QC : NDT RT


Radiographic Testing is the most important method used in NDT. NDT is the abbreviated form of Non Destructive Testing. Without destructing our specimen we are able to check all the defects. There are mostly 14 methods in NDT. Radiographic Testing is most commonly used for finding out the subsurface as well as internal discontinuities present in a specimen. Major working principle regarding this one is shadow projection.

Radiographic testing mainly consists of a Radiographic source such as a X- Ray source or else a Gamma ray source, Specimen to be tested and also a Radiographic Film. The specimen should be placed in between the Radiographic source and the radiographic film. An image will be recorded in the film and by interpreting this film we are able to identify the defect.

A Radiographic machine consists of mainly three parts. They are Camera, guide tube and control unit.

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